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Our cultured diamond collections are unique in a manner that you can find a diamond of any shape, size and colour.

From plain to coloured lab diamonds, our collection has a variety of stunning shades that will entice you and make your heart long for it.

We have a dedicated research and development team that works to bring forth the best technology to create diamonds and therefore, ensure the highest quality. Lab Grown diamonds are just brilliant with their lustre and brightness.

Our Story


Decent Lab Grown diamond Co. is a major supplier of lab grown diamonds created through HPHT and CVD process. The foundation of DECENT GROUP was laid more than 25 years ago to conduct business in all kinds of Lab-grown stones, always placing the customer's needs and their full satisfaction as the first priority.

All the products produced by our company are pass through highly qualified quality control (QC) department who are always committed to maintaining the higher standard of quality and grade.

From procurement to manufacturing, and till marketing, Decent Lab Grown diamond co is involved in the entire chain of the industry with sales offices spread across all major countries like Hongkong, Thailand, USA, China and India.

"The Watchwords for us are Teamwork, Learning, Innovation and Professionalism ".



Decent diamonds are certified to be the best quality man-made diamonds. It has been certified by international giants such as IGI (International Gemological Institute), GIA (Gemological Institute Of America) and HRD (Hoge Raad voor Diamant).

Lab grown diamonds are graded and certified using the same process as mined diamonds as they feature the same optical and physical properties as a natural diamond does.

A diamond is judged by using the 4c’s- cut, clarity, colour and carat. Basically, the diamond is judged by how well it has been cut down from its raw form into a jewel, how flawless and clear it is, and its size. At Decent, the gemologists independently grade each diamond grown in the lab which determines its quality and purity.



We believe in offering a product our customers can be proud to wear. Extracting the raw diamonds from mines is a hazard to the workers and even to the earth which contributes to violence, human rights abuses, poverty, environmental degradation and many other issues. We are passionate about creating conflict-free diamonds that are produced in laboratories using modern technology with non-toxic means. We maintain responsible and safe labour practices.

Eco friendly

We don’t just value human beings but also our mother nature. No harm is caused in any way to the environment.

Chemical Composition ( C ) Pure Carbon ( C ) Pure Carbon Both lab-created diamonds and earth-mined diamonds are made from 100% pure crystallized carbon.
Refractive Index 2.42 2.42 Both lab-created diamonds and earth-mined diamonds have the same density
Fire (Light DIspersion) 0.044 0.044 When light enters a lab-created diamond the dispersion is identical to earth-mined diamonds.
MOHS Hardness Rating 10 10 Lab-created diamond are pure carbon, just like earth-mined diamonds. As a result their hardness is identical.
Polish Diamond powder Diamond powder Decent lab-created diamonds and earth-mined diamonds are polished with natural diamond powder to finish the outer surface of the diamond.
Eco-Friendly Yes No Decent lab-created diamonds are 100% eco-friendly - produced with no environmental toxins or damage.

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Hongkong Office :
Unit 905, 9/F, Hilder Center, No 2,Sung Ping Street,
Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong,
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Thailand Office :
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Tel: 66-2-2374462, 66-2-2374474 Fax: 66-2-2344475
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